Top 10 Best Ankle Weights 2018 Review

If you ever wonder which is the best ankle weight for your aerobic workouts, or you just want to improve your lower leg exercises, don’t worry anymore, we will help you decide. In this article, we will talk about 10 best ankle weights in 2018, and all of them can be found On the internet.

10. Adidas Adjustable Ankle Weights

These weights made by Adidas give you the flexibility of weight adjustment with comfort, soft packing material. They also have 4 individual removable weight sacks and are perfect for training speed or agility.

9. Thera-Band Comfort Fit Ankle Cuff Weights

Quality of these weights is where Thera-Band comes to place. Being one of the top weight producers since 1980’s. The only downside is that weight on the ankle is fixed, so you can’t adjust your training.

8. GoFit ankle weights

Padded “soft touch” interior provides superior comfort. You can put weight from 1.1kg up to 2.2 kg per ankle. They come with 10 pockets in which you can easily put or remove weight bars. Each weight can hold up to 10 weight bars.

7. DA VINCI Weights

If you are looking for one of the cheaper products on this list you found it. They come in 0.5 up to 2 kg in weight. They are soft, comfortable and above all fit well.

6. oFitness Ankle Weights

This set has a total weight of 2.7kg, perfect for rehabilitation or for beginners. Made for durability by choosing this option you won’t be sorry.

5. Reebok Adjustable Ankle Weights

These ankle weights have 1.1kg to train per ankle (up to 2.2kg in total). They are made from heavy-duty nylon and have easy hook and loop closure.

4. Nayoya Adjustable Ankle Weights

This is a product of Nayoya wellness and is very liked by customers. They come with a little bit less weight to work out with (pair has 1.4 kg to train with).

3. CAP Barbell Adjustable Ankle Weights

This is a respected budget brand in the fitness world. As we mentioned in our choice #1 this weights also include several external pockets, so you can vary the weight up to a total of 9kg to train with.

2. All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights

Don’t get scared because the name is all pro. It is true that they are small and compact, and they give their best in aerobic workouts. Each weight is 2kg which gives you all around 4kg to train with.

While the price tag is a bit higher than our previous selection, Product reviews have only best to say about this weights.

1. Valeo Adjustable Ankle / Wrist Weights

These weights offer you two 4.5kg weight in resistance on each ankle, with each one being fully adjustable. Each weight has 5 pockets, which help you keep the weight nicely balanced.

Furthermore the price of these weights are very reasonable, and can be easily found at Online Market.

Now you must ask yourself how can you trust us? Because we made that examination of every or at least almost every critic we could find.

If you decide to buy any of mentioned weights you won’t be sorry. Let yourself train on that agility, speed, strength or if you use them only for rehabilitation. We recommend using one of the adjustable ankle weights since you can start with small weight and work your way to bigger weights.