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Top 10 Best Dog Crate 2018 Review

People who love their dogs understand how important their safety is, is right? These Dog crates not only offer protection for your dog but also prevent them from moving about aimlessly. Due to the current increased demand for the dog crates, their supply is recording an upward margin. However, finding the best dog crate is slowly turning to be comfortable thanks to their increased numbers. Besides, your dog’s safety is very crucial, and it is, therefore, advisable to purchase the best dog crate. Currently, the number of best quality dog crates at the market is high. However, an insignificant amount of them will offer you reliable and excellent services. While purchasing any dog crate, consider the factors below;

Top 10 Best Dog Crate 2018 Review

10. Petco classic dog crates

Petco classic dog crates are secure, safe, affordable, and comes assembled ready to set-up. Moreover, they come with crate training guide and divider panel to ensure the best customer service. These dog crates are also offered in a wide array of sizes to accommodate the breeds of every size. They can also be in use with different blankets and crate pads for an added layer of warmth and comfort.

9. Pay Less Here XXXL Dog Crate

These premium quality Metal dog Crates have a design of commercial-quality material, which ensures a long-lasting security and durability. Its durability is also guaranteed by an all-steel and high tensile-strength wire, which is securely welded and formed into a tight mesh pattern. Moreover, the crates contain multiple doors, which lock easily by use of a slide-bolt latch.

8. Carlson Secure and Compact Metal Dog Crate

Provide your dog with a place where it feels safe and secure by purchasing this crate. It is compact and features single door owing secure bolt locking system, which ensures that your pets are safe. It also includes a black washable and removable composite pan that is easy and quick to set up without requiring any tools.

7. Elite Field 3-Door Dog Crate

Elite field dog crate has a durable steel tube crate frame and a crate cover made of high quality, durable fabric that is stylish, durable, well ventilated, and lightweight. It consists of three mesh doors, which ensures convenience, breathability, and penetration of sunlight.

6. Pals and Paws Dog Crate

Pals and Paws Dog Crate features lightweight and slide-out tray of durable ABS plastic design. With the crate’s rounded edges, your dog is contained in a very safe place where it cannot injure itself on the sharp metal pieces. Besides, a free divider panel is also included to enable you to adjust the living area while your pet grows.

5. Amazon basics dog crate

Amazon basics dog crate is ideal for both adult dogs and puppies since it is specially designed to ensure exceptional convenience. However, this dog crate can be in use for anything from house training to potty training. Moreover, it offers a secure and safe place for your pooch to relax and rest.

4. Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate

Mid West Life Stages Dog Crate has a convenient design that ensures security, comfort, and safety of your dog. It is set up in seconds since it does not need any tools. Moreover, it has distinguishing features, which include secure and safe rounded corners, slide bolt latches, durable electro-coat finish, and a washable, removable plastic pan that is easy to clean in case of an accident.

3. Carlson Pet Products Compact Single Door Metallic Dog Crate

Featuring a durable and robust steel construction, this dog crate from Carlson products is a worthy product to cage your dog. The single door design with a locking mechanism keeps the dog safe all the time. The product comes with some additional gift such as a removable and easy to clean pan. The fold and go system allows easy portability for instance when going for a vacation with your beloved pet, it is pretty easy. However, this crate is uniquely designed for midsized dogs and puppies.

2. Midwest iCrate Folding Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Folding Dog Crate has a leak-proof plastic pan, free divider panel, and sturdy carrying handle, which makes it suitable for big dog breeds. Moreover, the two robust slide-bolt latches fitted at each door securely locks the crate door thus keeping your dog safe.

1. Oxgord Paws and Pals Dog Crate Double Door Folding Metal

Oxford paws and pals dog crate is uniquely designed and offers unquestionable simplicity and versatility. It simple to install and bring down without the need for extra tools. Also, the space-saving design allows the storage in any space no matter how compact it is. Equally, it is made of heavy-duty steel material that ensures maximum security for your dog regardless of how strong the dog is. Most importantly, it has incredible dimensions that accommodate dogs of all sizes. Precisely, it measures 42 inches (Length) x 27 inches (Width) x 30 inches (Height). Also, this dog crate is easy to clean since it is 100 percent washable. No wonder, this dog crate is in the first rank of our esteemed review.

Factors to consider when selecting the best dog crate

Size of the dog crate

There are significant, small, and medium dog crates. It is therefore essential to take note of their size before making the purchase. Besides, this will help in avoiding inconveniences of returning the dog crate after purchasing.


It is essential to consider the material used in the construction of a dog crate. Most dog crates are made of metallic materials. Besides, durability varies widely from one dog crate to the other. Consequently, be careful when choosing the best dog crate of your interest.

The size of your dog

The size of the dog is also quite significant. It is not advisable to pick a tiny dog crate for your big dog because it will inhibit its movement. For this reason, find the correct size for your dog.


When going to buy a dog crate, do not go for cheap knockoffs failure to which you will have to return to the market finding a replacement. Instead, go for one that is worth the extra bucks.


Considering the breed of the canine is imperative. For individuals who cage German shepherd inside a weak cage, there is always a high possibility that the dog will break the cage. It is therefore advisable to consider the material’s strength according to the canine’s breed.

Frequently asked questions about the best dog crate

  • Q. What crate should I buy my dog?
    • A. Consider the critical specifications of the crate and purchase if interested.
  • Q. How can I know the perfect size crate to buy for my dog?
    • A. The dog’s crate should be large enough for your dog to sit, stand up, and turn around comfortably.


According to the enthusiast’s report and close review of the top 10 best dog crates, Paws and Pals Replacement – Tray Dog Crate shows a slight competence over the other nine regarding its efficiency and functionality.