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Top 10 best drafting tables 2018 review

A drafting table, also referred to as an illustration stage or design phase, a compact drawing table, is a multi-purpose table used by professionals, engineers, architects, and contractors for making, drawing, composing, constructing, or sketching. Each type of contract worker also uses a drafting table to read contours during job evaluation.

Top 10 best drafting tables 2018 review

10. ZENY

This ZENY drafting table has several functions. The basic workstation can be compensated as indicated by your comfort request. If you do not need to use it, you can use the highest point of the workspace as a workspace that is easy to use. Two open drawers fill up the storage space for pens and other illustration devices. The legs of the ZENY are equipped with cushions for stability and soil protection.

9. Stand Up Desk Store

An extensive variety of size changes and additional modifications of the work area make it possible to use this movable dressing and drawing table also as a standing workstation or regularly occupy a seating work area. At the point where they are used as a standing workstation or as a full-scale drawing table, you can see a broader center, better calorie consumption and protection from the health effects of a stationary workday. Larger than average thumbscrews account for simple edge and stature changes, while the extra large elastic feet form a stable state.

8. Yaheetech

The edge of the glass work area can be balanced from 0 to 60 degrees to meet your different needs; a pencil edge at the bottom of the tabletop helps to hold paper and stationery when the work area is tilted; can be used as a picture table, PC table or composing table for drawing or working. Tempered glass work area is solid and strong to use; filtered edges and fitted corners can maintain a strategic distance from unwanted damage or damage during movement and use; can combine with a light and transform this drawing table into a light table, simple blue tempered glass can facilitate the light, unbelievable for following and comic creation.

7. Harper and bright designs

Founded in Los Angeles, California, Harper and Bright Designs was created to decorate both room and room furniture and allow people to plan these spaces as they should with our inventories.

Composed by focusing on this specific piece of furniture, Harper and Bright Designs offers customers a unique selection of carefully selected items that are handpicked by our Global Sourcing Group to discover the best quality, as well as furniture that truly is the quintessence of what a family room or room should be.

6. Tangkula

This illustration workspace includes a strong steel base and a cross-supported contour for correctness. The base has a powder-coated cover that can last long periods of use without being consumed. This workspace also has extra steel below the surface to keep designs, paper pillows or rulers within reach. Two pull-out drawers offer more storage. 4 removable side plate give you the lodging to get to your shadows and pencils.

5. Best choice products

Put resources into your innovation and profitability with this mobile workstation. Focus on your expressive energies instead of straining your back and neck. You can perfectly trim the table and turn it into a stature that is perfect for you. Do not try to interfere with your work to find out what you need. Quickly and effectively you get to your belongings by means of the assembled shelf with 3 drawers and an extra renter under the table. Motivation awaits you.

4. Southern Enterprises

With a wide edge and sufficient working area, this modern drawing table is ideal for larger spaces. Its weathered oak wood tilt top recovers from the hard, antique metal-metal edge and accents. An implicit edge that traverses the vast workspace anchors papers and utensils as they work. Just lift the back edge to bring the tabletop into a perfect tilt position. The customizable table top can be tilted up to 30 degrees with each use and ergonomically relax.

3. Safco products 3965MO

With a steel edging, woodgrain, ascent of up to 50 degrees, a work surface that makes the parts and a table best for sitting or standing, this is the ideal alternative to tackle the problems of someone who needs a more personal workplace. Our height-adjustable, two-level divider table is designed with the participants in mind, allowing anyone to work on a stature and edge that is most comfortable for them.

2. Flash Furniture


The Adjustable Drawing and Drafting Table is a space-saving workplace for innovative work at home, in the office or on the activity side. He highlights a tantalizing .75-inch cherry-melamine overlay work surface with a raised metric ruler along the best and base edged edges for easy estimation. A curved plate to hold building designs, art or accessories and a lower supply panel will keep your work zone free. The movable work surface ideally raises and secures from one level to a 40 degree point.

1. Nova microdermabrasion

The Vision Craft Station meets most of your needs as a craftsman or draftsman. It shows an extensive work surface made of tempered blue safety glass. Outlined with change component that could meet your requirements across different edges. Worked with a solid overwhelming steel structure with 8mm safety glass top, non-lethal color forms your specialties and artworks on this table for a long time.


Before you buy your planning phase, check out the numerous audits and online locations to find the ideal solution. Also, consider where to use the drawing board and how versatile it must be. Measure the space you have and find the appropriate size.