Top 10 Best Insect Killer Spray in 2019 review

The insect can be harmful to human beings, pets, and plants and finding the best method to control them is wise without further affecting the environment. This guide enlists the top 10 Best insect killer spray that works effectively keeping your environment free from destruction and you and the pets from stings and bites. This will help you make a choice if you want to embark of fumigation.

1.Total Solutions Demise Insect Killer – 1 Pint

Like in the name it kills at once. It contains pyrethrin that is instant pest control. Combined with silicon dioxide, it quickly dehydrates the insects on contact leaving them for death. After application, it is durable and works for 6 months. The dehydration mechanism of killing works when the spray clings on the body hairs and when carried to the nest, it destroys the entire colony.



-Works on contact


-Dangerous on pets

-Poisonous when in contact with human skin

2.Raid Flying Insect Killer Spray 

A good choice of spray because you can choose to either use it indoors or outdoors and it works just fine. To kill the insects, spray in their colonies and give it a minute to cause destruction. The spray kills wasps, hornets, flies, and mosquitos that cause serious and painful bites while others causing diseases like malaria. It has a pleasant scent that doesn’t affect you.


-Wide application indoors and outdoors

-Pleasant scent


-Doesn’t work on gnats and small flies

-Doesn’t kill on contact

3.Ortho Tree & Shrub Insect Killer 

This insect spray from Ortho works perfectly outdoors only and eradicates beetles, armyworms, ash borers, trips and other insects listed on the label. It can be used on nuts, fruits, and other ornamentals without affecting them negatively. One pint treats a very large area making it excellent for residential and industrial use.


-Can be used on fruits and nuts

-A little goes a long way


-Used outdoors only

-Has an irritating odor

4.Ortho MAX Malathion Concentrate Insect Spray 

Insects can be a nuisance and this concentrated spray perfectly works to keep your home and compound safe from their effects. It destroys bugs, mosquitos, mites, aphids, and flies. It is recommended for use on ornamentals, flowers, plants, and vegetables, meaning it is supposed to be used outdoors only. Application is easy since you only need to press the topper and spray on the target area


-Wide application

-Easy application


-Limited to outdoor use only

-Harmful when in contact with pets and humans

5.Harris Home Insect Killer, Gallon Spray 

Harris is your all-time manufacturer of the most effective insect killer spray since it works on contact. After spraying the powder, the insects die within an hour or so and goes ahead to depict its long-lasting feature by killing more insects for several weeks later after the first application. This is possible only if the sprayed location or area is kept dry.



-Easy application


-Takes an hour to kill insects

-The powder is unsafe on humans and pets

6.Enforcer PFI32 Flying Insect Killer 

An insect killer that is long-lasting saves you more money. This one from Enforcer is effective for a month after the first spray. It works effectively outdoors and can be sprayed on the lawns, plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers to kill all the destructive insects. Application is easy because you spray through the hose-end sprayer to the affected location



-Wide application outdoors


-For use outdoors only

-Kills only flying insects

7.Hot Shot 1 Gallon Insect Killer

This insect killer kills bugs and other insects and can be used indoors only for faster destruction and can be sprayed on bedding, seats, and walls to eradicate bugs. It works effectively by destroying their eggs, colonies, and larvae to prevent breeding and causing havoc. After spraying allow the areas to dry before using them to avoid poisoning by this spray.


-Doesn’t stain surfaces

-Kills on contact


-Used indoors only

-Not to be used on pets

8.Safer Brand insect Killing Spray – 6 pack 

Safer Brand spray kills bugs, mites, flies, hoppers and trips and has no unpleasant odor. If you want a spray that is safe for use on your indoor and outdoor plants, this is it. There are insects that destroy plants and dealing if you do not want your vegetables contaminated, you need to use the Safer Brand spray that is made from seaweed extract and has fatty acids with potassium salts making your organic mode of growing safe.


-Used in organic gardening

-Made from natural ingredients


-Recommended for bulk use

-Complaints of not being effective on whiteflies

9.Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer 

With a one year guaranteed protection against roaches, ants and indoors, your environment is safe. This proves that it is long-lasting and dries very fast without leaving any stains. Forget about the terrible odors that can trigger allergies and aggravate asthma after spraying. While spraying, you do not experience hand fatigue, pumping or bending that can cause body aches.


-No stains

-No odor


-For use indoors only

-Takes longer to work on fleas

10.Natural Flying Insect Killer 

This Natural Flying Insect Killers used to kill all mosquito species and protects you and your family against malaria. It kills both eggs, larvae, and adults and works on contact. The spray is safe for use on the environment and can be used for perimeter treatment and for personal protection. After the first spray, it works effectively for 2 weeks without another application.


-Natural insect killer



-Limited to mosquitos only

-Its smell is irritating to some individuals


Selecting the best insect killer spray shouldn’t give you a migraine anymore. This guide has insect sprays that are synthetic and natural, can be used only indoors, outdoors or both. Their effectiveness is worth every dime because the sprays last long after the first application.