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Top 10 Best Lighting Flags 2018 Review

We are not going to discuss here the national flags of certain nations. The flags listed below refer to the lighting flags that are used in still photography and film industry to block the surrounding or background light. It can be used for various purposes, that is the protection of lens of a camera from a flare, negative fill, or to cast a shadow. The main purpose is the same, to stop light that intervenes the process of motion or still photography. Their sizes and shapes vary ranging from some square inches to many square feet. Generally, a square-shaped wire is attached to a Rocket (a piece of cloth usually made of cotton) to block the light.

Below is a list of the top ten best lighting flag.

10. Westcott 1937 Fast Flags

This flag diffuses light very quickly and can shape, block or cut light. It comes in black color and 1 x 1 x 1 dimensions. It weighs around 1 pound only. Each flag has its own frame; each frame is made of carbon steel.You may fold it while traveling. Their casing is awesome and pretty decent. It comes in 18 x 24 inches size, and also available as a gift-wrap. Some users complained that it comes with only two frames, and is also overpriced. If you want its replacement, the customer support service is very efficient.

9. Westcott 1934 Fast Flags

This light-blocking flag also comes in black color (black block), with only 5 ounces the total weight. It does not come with the frame. The size is around 18 x 24 inch. Unfortunately, the frame has to buy separately. The fabric is of very high quality. It properly casts shadows on set and controls spill light. The flag can be easily removed from the frame. The product dimension is just like most products of Westcott 1 x 1 x 1 inches. It fully complies with all the standards of the film industry. The frame is adjustable and can be easily removed.

8. Matthews 24″ x 36″ Flag

Another light flag that has the quality to cut and block the light to give desired effects. It is opaque in all respects. Its steel made frame imparts its durability. Its design is quite fascinating. You may position it over the top of the film set, which is all due to its cutter frames and flag. If you wish to control the light more effectively, you may do so by creating a little box with the help of two or more units of the flag. The newly made design has three corners contrary to the previous one, which had only two corners. You may get it in rectangular or square shape. Its cloth is made of such a material that it can block artificial as well as natural light.

7. Kupo French Flag


Kupo French Flag is a pretty amazing product to prevent light or flare. It is mainly the best choice for landscape images. This black colored flag, which is made of metal, blocks flare of multiple lights used in a studio. It is light in weight (0.79 pounds only) with 15.8 x 9.8 x 0.1 inches dimensions. It is the best fit for preventing light coming around the camera. For better results, use it with the flex arms. For this product also, you may contact the manufacturer for warranty. This product best fits the traveling needs due to its light weight.

6. Matthews 24″ x 30″ Flag

It is absolutely opaque for light, so best prevent it and gives desired camera effects. Another feature that it provides is that it modifies light quite precisely. In addition, its steel-welded frame protects it from any damage and gives it strength and ensures durability. In order to position the flag on top of the set, cutter frames make it possible.The material used in the cloth is of the best quality, so it prevents light more effectively. Another distinguishing feature is its weight which is mere 30 pounds and is quite easy to use.

5. Matthews 18″ x 24″ Flag

The flag is in rectangular form. Its cloth is made of such a stuff that it ensures complete opacity to prevent the light coming from any corner. It’s thick cloth material makes it possible to block and control the light whether it is natural or artificial. Its cutters can expand the flag twice in size as and when it needed. The net weight of this amazing item is only 7 pounds, so it can be easily carried from one place to another without any trouble. The dimensions of this black-colored flag are 1 x 1 x 1 inches. It’s truly an amazing product, just try it out.

4. Matthews 24″ x 48″ Meat-Axe-Style Flag

This black-colored and rectangular-shaped flag is also manufactured by Matthews. The meat- axe-style flag gives a better user experience, is more durable and blocks light more effectively. The rectangular-shaped flag comes in 24″ x 48″ size. You may directly contact the seller for warranty information. Its black textile is fully opaque which protects the camera lens from undue flare. Its solid frame protects it from getting any damage, thus ensures its durability, long life, and quality. Its newly made design has three corners of square-shaped, contrary to the old designs which provided only 2 corners.

3. Matthews Studio Equipment 48 x 48″ Road Flag

It is a solid type of flag which comes in black color. Unlike most of the flags mentioned above, it is square-shaped. Just like other flags listed above, it is also 100% opaque and protects the camera lens from any flare. So it fully caters to the studio needs.It best fits into the solid and collapsible frame. It’s best for the business Infrastructure Management Outsourcing. It provides the better user experience. Most of the users found it quite handy, much better for comparative studies and filmmaking units. Its frame size is 4 x 4 inches, which can easily be converted into a flag.

2. Westcott 1922 Fast Flags A

This Westcott product comes in 18″ x 24″ size, in a rectangular shape. It protects the set from harsh light quite amazingly. One of its predominant features is that it can easily be removed apart from its frame. The color is black and weighs only 1 pound. The item dimension is 1 x 1 x 1 inches. With a single net fabric, it is basically designed for fast flags to control the coming light. The fabric is well-knit and 100% opaque, It seamlessly cuts down the flare to protect the set. The product warranty can be found by directly contacting the manufacturer or visiting their website to get more information.

1. Westcott 1931 Fast Flags

The size of this Westcott fast flag is 18 x 24 inch. With 1931 model number, its fabric is made of china silk which blocks the interfering light quite amazingly. One of its very unique features is that it diffuses the directly hitting light quite subtly. The set-up can be made very quickly when the need arises to use it. As usual, its color is also black and weighs around 1 pound only. For warranty, the customer may contact the website support team through email or directly contact the manufacturer for this purpose. its solid frame protects the fabric and gives it a long life. The user may trust it to get the better experience.

The bottom line, This was the top ten best lighting flags available in the market. The list has been compiled quite carefully after making an extensive research on each flag. However, it’s not final, as research and inventions is an ongoing process. Today, the latest product may get outdated tomorrow, as the process of innovation is moving forward very swiftly.