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Top 10 Best Waterproof Camera 2018 Review

The chances of getting in contact or even close to the water on holiday while in need of capturing snaps of aquatic adventures remain very high. In these circumstances, most cameras will not thank you for using them anywhere on the water. However, there are varying models of waterproof cameras right at the market, which would enable you to capture the aquatic scene. Besides, they will let you have a dive as deep as 30 meters deep in water to finger out the perfect shot. They are all freeze-proof, waterproof, and shockproof too. Choosing the right camera with high image quality will enable you to shoot efficiently during tumble and rough time below the average zoom range. Here are the 10 best waterproof camera:

Top 10 Best Waterproof Camera 2018 Review

10. Underwater waterproof Bigaint camera

The waterproof Bigaint camera is specially built with large TFT LCD screen, which has waterproof buttons essential for viewing shooting details to provide clear and digital pictures. Moreover, it is dustproof and cold resistant which makes it reliable and robust to operate everywhere. The camera comes with a one-month warranty for the best after service ever.

9. Action ultra-wide-angle camera

This camera has a super wide-angle lens, which assists in delivering skip-free HD videos captured to cover the exciting moments and epic views of your interest. Besides, they are crucial for driving, climbing mountains, diving, skiing, jumping, flying, skating, surfing, and use with snowboard and in many other activities.

8. DBPOWER underwater action camera

DBPOWER action camera gives you the capacity to capture beautiful sceneries in a crystal-clear HD video. The fitted megapixel Sony CMOS sensor provides incredible photos while recording the wonders and adventures around your life. The best zoom range the camera has assisted in image stabilization and correction of traditional shaky videos. Moreover, the built-in Wi-Fi helps in editing and sharing your images and videos.

7. Gordve waterproof digital camera

Gordve waterproof camera has a dual color screen that can photo shoot a video underwater with a built-in flashlight. In fact, it is compatible with a MicroSD card, which can support an external memory card of up to 32GB. This waterproof camera also works excellent underwater and all other environments.

6. Gordve 16mp underwater digital camera

This camera is dustproof, cold resistant, waterproof for up to 10meters, and capable of tolerating temperatures of up to -10 degrees Celsius thus making it reliable and robust to operate anywhere. Moreover, it comes with a large LCD screen owing waterproof buttons, which ease the viewing of your digitally zoomed photos.

5. APEMAN waterproof action camera

APEMAN waterproof action camera has a large HD LCD Display Screen with a very wide angle, which enables you to capture any background detail. The 32GB storage support lets you store all your videos and photos right from the camera. Moreover, the efficient waterproof casing enables you to capture fascinating water sports like drifting, swimming, surfing and many others correctly.

4. DBPOWER waterproof action camera

DBPOWER waterproof action camera captures real HD photos for excellent image quality. It also guarantees you live videos with every detail while offering a comfortable and convenient way to both shoot and frame your videos. The Built-in applications, Wi-Fi, and extended operating time enable you to share and edit images and videos taken on action cameras.

3. FITFORT waterproof action camera

FITFORT waterproof action camera comes with two rechargeable batteries, which enable continuous recording with no Worry. It also features a high capacity wireless remote control that is so easy to use. You just have to put it on your wrist then acquire available power for skiing, hiking, biking, and more.

2. ACT74 action waterproof camera

ACT74 action waterproof camera has a Sony sensor with the capacity to record your video footage by Ultra HD at a pace of 30 frames per second. Moreover, the 10 meters Wi-Fi connectivity coverage enables you to connect with your smart mobile without wires.

1. AKASO Waterproof Action Camera

AKASO Waterproof Action Camera has four times the resolution of the traditional HD cameras. AKASO action cameras come with two rechargeable batteries each with the capacity to record up to 90 minutes.

How to select the best waterproof camera

Manual controls

This is a single and the most important decision you should make when purchasing a waterproof camera. While you will be able to shoot photographs on land in an automatic mode without any issue, you will practically require manual control over images of your interest underwater. It is just because automated methods do not work well underwater as they do on land.

Lens options

When planning to shoot with a shoot and point camera, your housing selection will automatically be at the base of the ability to accept the external wet lenses. When interested in a wide-angle shooting, it is ideal in a recommendation to select a camera that will fit the third party wet lenses.

Raw Files

Different models of cameras produce varying types of image files. When not planning to do much editing of your photos or other editing programs, use of JPEG in shooting images is excellent.


Most shoot and point cameras have video modes, which enables you to shoot short movies. Since these cameras currently offer video capabilities, the ultimate decision remains the quality of the video you desire. You can decide to choose a low quality or standard HD on shoots and point or HD on a DSLR.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: why should I buy a waterproof camera?
  • A: It allows you to capture pictures everywhere even under water.
  • Q: How do I choose the best?
  • A: Set your budget and decide where to use your camera.
  • Q: which features are essential?
  • A: Look for the critical features and specifications.
  • Q: Where and when should I buy a waterproof camera?
  • A: The best time to purchase is during spring before summer.


There are a lot of waterproof cameras nowadays but, according to the reviews above, we think you got the idea to choose the best waterproof camera for your holiday.