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Top 10 Super Large Family Camping Tents in 2018 Reviews

Are you planning to go camping with your family? Finding a large camping tent can be a daunting task, especially for first-timer shoppers. Below is a list of high quality family tents that you can choose from.

10. Coleman Montana 8-Person 


Coleman is one of the best family tents available on the market. It’s durable, trendy, and most important fairly priced. It only takes a few minutes to assemble it, and can accommodate up to 8 people. Also, the tent is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. The only issue with this family tent is that it has only one door and few windows.

9. Core 9 Person Tent 

The space provided by this tent is sufficient to accommodate up to three huge mattresses like queen air. The height is also great for six feet folks to walk freely. It’s also water resistant and there are seals for doors and windows to protect you and your family against rain. Again, the tent has just one door.

8. NTK Arizona GT 9 Tent 

This tent is known for its remarkable ventilation. Recommended for camping in areas where there are strong winds because of the nano-flex poles. The tent can accommodate a maximum of ten persons. One disadvantage of this tent is that the windows can only be closed from outside.

7. Ozark Trail Family Tent 

The Ozark tent is large enough to accommodate up to ten people. There is enough space for more than three queen air mattresses. Unlike many other tents, the Ozark family tent features two additional doors for quick access on both sides. However, the weather protection feature is not good enough.

6. AmazonBasics Family Tent 

This tent is large enough to accommodate a maximum of eight people. Some of the features that you will love include rainfly, cool air-port, variable venting system, and shock-corded poles. The only problem is that the tent has only one door.

5. Core 12 Person Family Tent


As the name suggests, this tent is large enough to accommodate 12 people. There’s also enough space for more than three large mattresses like air queen. Also, the tent can be divided into three rooms. Some users have complained about its durability.

4. Coleman Instant Family Tent 

This tent is designed to accommodate a maximum of eight people. It’s easy to assemble and can be divided into two rooms. Also, the ventilation system is great and the weather technology is perfect. The only problem is that the tent is reported to be heavy by some previous users.

3. Coleman Prairie Breeze Family Tent 

This tent is comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate up to nine people. The LED phone systems make this product for families who are looking for a trendy tent. The tent may not be your most preferred choice during rainy season.

2. Coleman Tenaya Family Tent 

This is one of the huge family tents that come with inbuilt hanger bars and shelves to make life easier for you. However, the tent is said to be only 75 percent water resistant.

1. Coleman Weather Master Family Tent 

The material used to make this product guarantees users exceptional service for a very long time. The hinged door makes it easier for users to access it quickly. Other features include rainfly and mesh roof for protection against extreme weather conditions.

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in finding a large family tent for camping, then the tents discussed above are some of the best family tents that you can find. Their frames are strong enough and the majority of them are 100 percent waterproofs.