Top 10 Best Air Hockey Tables

Owning an air hockey table is an incredible piece of furniture to employ people you can have for the entertainment night. For the most part, these tables are very well known because everyone can take the principles and play them within seconds. It’s an amusement that lasts for a smaller than expected hockey arena, but the fun part is that the surface of this distraction table pervades as a pack of small gaps for the air and helps keep the plastic puck across the table floats.

If you are considering buying air hockey, the ideal approach to making sure you get a quality product is to read some air hockey table surveys.

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Top 10 Best Air Hockey Tables

1. Hathaway

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This slick table is certainly the center of your distraction room, sanctuary, or office. A rich, cherry-wood overlay provides the good-looking edge of Midtown. Its chrome corners will surely surprise your visitors. Kids and adults will love midtown’s fast-paced air hockey activity.

Its 6 ‘playing surface is perfect for the learner, while the competition air passage and the poly fixed surface will satisfy even the most prepared players.

2. Sport Squad

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The electrically controlled system maintains air to flow evenly and non-stop, ensuring smooth running, while padded feet protect the bottom from scratches. Includes two quick-action pushers, two plastic pucks, and an AC plug. Raise manual scorers to monitor who wins! This conservative tabletop version is electrically controlled to ensure smooth and unceasing airflow.

It provides the energy of a fast and fluid swimming hockey game for the home, office, or network focus. Made of great wood for stability, this table can be effortlessly moved, stowed or stowed away for families with limited space

3.Viper by GLD Products

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A more consistent electronic scorer that guarantees uninterrupted fun. More comprehensive lenses for easy puck recovery without stress for the hands. Faster fan speed for the more energetic distraction games. Make the most of your air hockey competitions with family, friends, or family. Just the right hockey table.

It’s space-saving and fits most rooms, while the playing field is open, so you can not bargain for the good times. This distraction room table stands on thick, L-shaped legs with leg pliers.

4. Brunswick Billiards

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Made from thick fiber wood, this substantial air hockey table has a modern design and a durable platform that keeps the table even. For tireless use, this diverter table is equipped with a UL blower with constant airflow, which gives enough air over the table without dead centers. Double-style math-device scoring units let you track who wins, and it additionally accompanies two pushers and four packs.

5. Triumph Sports

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The table highlights brilliant designs and LED corners, while the red fights against the blue. Choose your group – Fire or Ice – with a bright blue or red striker, at this point turn on the lights and let the activity begin with the Luminous Puck. When our cross-legged props help and keep strength while playing. Adjustable leg levelers guarantee a level playing surface, even if the floors are uneven.


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Professional Air Hockey Pack is useful for home travel, office rec space, or storm basement; Kids and adults will have a great time playing distractions on this world-class arcade table at your next meeting. Electric air hockey tables accompany everyone, including four pucks and four pushers for multiplayer games, two container holders, and capacity slots for your strikers and pucks.

The ESPN Air Hockey Table features an electronic overhead score guard that spans the table and includes arcade sound effects, a detour clock, and projection lights

7. Best choice products

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Built with medium-thick fiberboard and chrome-plated steel bars. Each finish of the table has a glass holder that offers comfort to the players. This large deflection table also contains comfortable handles on each rod to allow for better ball control. Each group consists of 11 players in red and white group sweaters.

This electronic dartboard is ideal for attaching to any room divider in your amusement room. It consists of solid plastic construction and a double entrance outline

8. Atomic

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The Atomic Blazer is an air-puffed, highly assembled table with an innovative design that adds even more energy to table hockey. The Blazer includes a sizable 120V blower for quick play and shadow rails to reduce puck bob. Monitor the scoring with the electronic score maintained with the track-integrated show. Leg Levelers guarantee a uniform surface. The table can fit a table tennis top.

9. Harvil

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The Harvil Table Air Hockey Table is a fun distraction hardware you can have at home. Made of thick pulpwood, it is supported by heavy-duty legs, assembled with blue completions and dark paint on four legs. This air hockey table best accompanies two lenses and slide scorers and can be taken anywhere.

All Harvil things are composed and designed by imaginative individuals here in the USA. We are a privately owned company, and we describe our products to be loved by family and friends.

10. EA Sports

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Light up the night with the innovative lighting of the Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table. The smart table underlines LED lighting in the rail with falling bumps and music in distraction. Hoist Gaming background with ruffles – two ultra-brilliant strikers and a light-up puck. Appreciate fast and angry distraction game as twin-engine blowers give steady airflow.

Effortlessly monitor the activity without losing the center while playing electronic scoring


If you look at other air hockey table surveys online, you will see that each of the articles listed here are broadly respected by shoppers everywhere.