Top 10 Best Bed Blankets For Dog

In love with your canine pet but worried about the cold weather conditions in your location. We have the solution to your problem and that is buying a comfortable bed blanket for him. The options are many and which one is the best is what we are going to talk about in this article. Mentioned below are the Top 10 best Bed Blankets for a dog.

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Top 10 Best Bed Blankets For Dog

1. BOGO bone and paw dog blanket

30x21 Inch Dog Cat Fleece Blanket - Bone and Paw Print Assorted Color Pet Blankets by bogo Brands

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This cute bone and paw dog blanket is available in two colours i.e. red and brown . The material used in the blanket is soft fleece which lends a comfortable touch to the product. It can be replaced easily.

2. The Dog Squad Minkie Binkie Blanket

The Dog Squad Minkie Binkie Blanket Frosted Snow Leopard, 20 by 30 Square Feet

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This cute blanket is available in seven different colours. Due to its small size, it can be washed by hand and in the machine too but in cold water which is a necessary requirement. The blanket is extremely soft and is best suited for small dogs.

8. West Paw Design Dog Blanket

West Paw Design Big Sky Faux Suede Dog Blanket

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These blankets can keep your furniture free from dog hair. One side of this blanket is faux suede and the other side silky soft. The best part of this blanket is that it is available in small, medium and large sizes making it suitable for all sizes of dogs.

4. Colourful house cosy plush pet blanket

Colorfulhouse® Cozy Plush Pet Blanket for Small to Medium Dogs & Cats 35 x 28

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If you are searching for a dog blanket which is made up of soft plush material then this is the best for you. This blanket does not spoil your furniture with the dog’s hair and is washable in a machine. The product can be used for medium and small dogs both and is good for indoor as well as outdoor usage.

5. Zanies Dog blanket

Zanies Polyester and Fleece Snuggle Bear Puppy Blanket

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This blanket is mostly aimed at puppies. The blankets are rather small and will make your little pup feel warm and cosy. These blankets also have a small squeaker and are made of polyester and fleece which make them easy to use and manage.

6. JO JO Modern Pets Dog Blanket

JoJo Modern Pets Home Collection Luxury Brown Brushed Fleece Dog Blanket

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This luxurious blanket has a very soft feel and is made up of two textures one is fleece the other Sherpa finish. Both the sides of the blanket are usable. The product is very quick to dry after washing and your dog will not have to wait much before getting his blanket back.

7. Smart pet love blankets

SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket for Pets

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This cosy and comfortable blanket keeps your clothing, furniture and car seat safe from the attack of canine hair. This product is able to catch the dog’s hair as it falls out and you can wash it comfortably in a washing machine. This blanket is available in many colours and designs and is very soft to touch.

8. Animal Planet Sherpa Blanket

Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Blanket, Brown

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If you want to give your pet the luxury of a smooth and cosy blanket then this product suits your needs completely. The material used in the blanket is ultra-plush hence it can be used anywhere, even in the car. This blanket ensures that the pet hair does not reach your upholstery. The colour of this blanket is such that it hides your dog’s hair easily.

9. American Kennel Club Blanket

American Kennel Club Solid Pet Throw Blanket

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The American kennel club blanket is available in a variety of colours. So pick one which matches the interiors of your home or the dog’s kennel. The size of this blanket will be 50*40”.The blanket has two textures and therefore can be used from both sides. The blanket keeps dog hair away from your furnishings and is easily washable in a machine.

10. Pet Dog Cat Soft Warm Bed Blanket Mat Paw Print Cushion

Pet Dog Cat Soft Warm Bed Blanket Mat Paw Print Cushion

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This beautiful, soft blanket is perfect for the couch, pet bed, inside your car, or travel outside, you may also put it on the floor. The size of the blanket is around 76521cm.

Hope this information helps you in finding the best blanket for your dear pet. Make sure to check other factors as well like your pet’s allergy to any material before picking up any one of the above. Have fun with your best friend…