Top 5 Best Korean Eyeliners

Are you looking for the best Korean eyeliner? If yes, then you have come to the right-center. For sure, Eyeliners arrive at some equations to solve specific problems. Nowadays, eyeliners are made with waxes and oils to make them water and sweat-proof. Modern eyeliners are pressed with silicone-based parts to counteract the smears. Slick and waxy eyeliners are an incredible choice for those with sensitive eyes. You will even discover eyeliner explicitly intended for people who wear contact points.

There are many types of eyeliner, ranging from pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliners to pen eyeliner, pencil eyeliners are waxy, and oil-based while liquid eyeliners are the most professional eyeliners that you can get from the market

There is also the other one known as a gel eyeliner.

In this piece of work, we have selected the five best Korean eyeliners available on the market and give you every subtlety of every eyeliner!

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Best Korean Eyeliner





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If you are looking for a high-quality, durable eyeliner with exceptional consistency. This excellent and affordable choice of NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Epic Ink Liner is waterproof and extremely reliable. The bundling is impeccable and rich.

This eyeliner is equipped with thixotropic gel and silicone fixings. Thixotropic Gel causes you to get a smoother line. The silicone makes it last longer and makes it waterproof. It is recommended to apply eyeshadow before applying the eyeliner.

#2. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Black


Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, Black

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Next comes the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. it of this remarkable recipe to appreciate the high coloration of gel eyeliners and the durability capability of liquid eyeliner. They take it for the “liquefying gel formula.” This innovative melt gel formula liquefies faster than conventional gel eyeliner and encourages you to achieve a smooth and delicate line in the meantime.

The non-fine consistency applies quickly and easily to the eye line. It is additionally durable. This eyeliner contains no water. Therefore, it can help you draw an increasingly private eye. The brush tip is thin enough to draw slimmer lines and maintain consistency. All in all, it’s a beautiful eyeliner with the new Melting Gel Formula, exceptional perfection, smooth application, and consistent equation.

#3. Clio Waterproof Pen Liner

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Next, check out the award-winning Clio Waterproof Pen Liner. This is a famous Clio, who presents himself with his successes for five years consecutively for the best eyeliner without problems. It is considered outstanding among the Korean eyeliner of all time. This pen liner is equipped with a novel felt pen that allows you to draw precisely.

It is presented with carbon-dark for probably the most profound dark consequences for the market. This article contains a smear test and a waterproof mixture. With the feathery felt tool, you can draw slightly winged lines. It is not difficult to apply the article. The washing up is also easy! Whether you’re a make-up master or a beginner, this pen is for the young lady in a hurry.

#4. Etude House Waterproof Eyeliner

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if you are looking for a very pigmented and lubricating eyeliner, you probably will not be at the Oh My Eye Line Eyeliner by the famous Korean name in K-Magnificence, Etude House.

The instrument is an excellent and fine brush. It does not receive or hold excessive or too little articles. With this fine brush, you can effectively create thicker or slimmer layers. One of the beautiful features of this eyeliner is that it dries quickly.

You also get a matte supplement. With a quick-drying time, reasonableness, half-mellow perfection, and long-lasting expertise, this liquid eyeliner is a fantasy product for home lovers who long for an expert look.

#5. Innisfree Auto Eyebrow PencilAD


[Innisfree] Auto Eyebrow Pencil(AD) (2019) #Ash Brown (old or new random)

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When we talk about quality and Korean articles, we cannot ignore the Innisfree brand. The Innisfree Auto Pencil Liner is available in four different shades: black, pear brown, champagne pink, and wine burgundy.

The highlighted pencil is the salient and exquisite pearl-dark tone. This eyeliner is specially designed with coconut oil and nutrient E to avoid skin disorders. If you do not make these problems extravagant with liquid or gel-like eyeliners, you will fall in love hopelessly with this beautiful pencil recipe.


Our last note about this review

Regarding item details, Korean brands expect to produce eyeliner that will last a while. The argument behind it is that these eyeliners must withstand Korea’s humid and stormy atmosphere. If you did not have the slightest idea, Korea would be surrounded by water from each of the three sides. So there is a lot of moisture everywhere. Alternatively, the winter season is frigid and overcast. In this way, the Korean Eyeliner concentrate on sealing and lubrication.