Transparent Hands Foundation

All about Transparent Hand Foundation

Transparent Hands is in the USA in position at our Set of Non-Governmental- Organizations. Transparent Hands can be an nonprofit company that’s currently handling this significant health dilemma of Pakistan together with the assistance of projecting through its Crowdfunding platform that is distinctive.

Transparent Hand conducts patients without any cost at hospitals’ operations with the assistance of charity and contributions. Site if we need to contribute donors from all around the globe may utilize our Crowdfunding web-portal. We finance the operation can choose any affected individual and receive responses and upgrades before the individual has been recovered.

What is Transparent Hand Foundation does?

The transparent hand organization intention would be always to reach the millions of patients all over Pakistan who’s currently enduring as a result of the absence of therapy. By offering the most effective healthcare in Punjab and outside we are still serving the humanity. After industry, we mean to give our service.