Top 10 best Photographic Lighting Umbrellas

12Photography is a key part of our life. From birth, till we die, we are photographed. Photographs capture moments; moments we have lived whether sad or happy. But no picture is perfect without good lighting whether it’s a professional photographer or just a selfie, lighting is the backbone of photography and here I have highlighted the 10 top best lighting umbrellas.

#10. Portrait Umbrella Continuous Bulb Triple Lighting Kit JSAG1

The quality of the umbrella is nylon which helps it spread light evenly on the subjects. This kit is perfect if you want to sell a product. The photo light bulb has 44watt/6500 Kelvin, has a spiral shape and saves energy. This projects high-intensity light making the subject lit. The photo bulb socket with umbrella holder has a watt max power capacity of 105, an on/off switch attached to it and a plug & cord of 9 ft. long which makes it easy for you without struggling to connect with something far. The light stands, are easy and light to carry and has the safety of three legs with adjustable height. The kit comes with a bag which is very convenient for you because not all kits come with bags.

This is a great deal for you even if you are not a professional photographer and just want lights for your YouTube channel. It works best with you lighting it up. The disadvantage is the bulbs, they have a high intensity which will make you do upgrades every now and then. Overall, good.

#9. Fenzer Unisex Teflon Coated Windproof Travel Umbrella – Auto Open / Close

This is a very fancy and unique umbrella for lighting. It wraps up like an umbrella and you actually might be confused if it is the umbrella we use during the rains or umbrella we use for the photographic purpose. If you are a traveler and a photographer, this is the best for you. It is compact and easily carried. Fetzer is a windproof construction. It’s made up of Teflon coated fabrics which prevent it from breaking or tearing, so reliable. It is designed with automatically adjusting to flex because of the winds, it inverts itself and bounces back to its original shape unlike other umbrellas, which would just break. It is a unisex open/ close automatically. Just push the button once and bingo, it’s open. No more struggling to open umbrellas or closing it with your hands. Just push the button. This is perfect for you whether you are a man or a lady, carry it like a normal umbrella and no one will figure out its actually a lighting equipment. Just keep it out of children, they might take it out on rainy days thinking it’s an umbrella. This is perfect for you clumsy people out there.

#8 LimoStudio 33″ White Transparent Photo Umbrella Studio Reflector, AGG124

This is a very simple umbrella for lighting compared to the others. If you are a beginner this is recommended for you. It is not complicated, it’s just one umbrella. It is a lightweight and easy to set up. The reflector is white producing a neutral color temperature. It is 33” wide. It reflects and spreads light evenly.

The disadvantage with this is, it’s not suitable for location shoots, and it can easily be damaged if moved around too much from location to location. So be careful if you intend to use it for locations.

#7 Emart Photography Umbrellas Continuous Lighting Kit

The kit includes: 1 x White Wood Floor Backdrop / 10Ft Adjustable Crossbar, 4 x 86″/220cm Light Stand / 2 x 4.5″ Heavy Duty Spring Clamps / 2 x Black Reflector Umbrella / 2 x Translucent Umbrella / 2 x Light Holder / 2 x 45W Energy Saving Bulb / 1 x Convenient Carry Bag For Background Light Stand.

The backdrop is white which is perfect if you want a clear background making it look real. This is perfect for the professional photographers. The backdrop is lightweight and easy to carry. Compared to any other backdrop this is the best. The light stands are of aluminum alloy. Both the crossbar (5ft to 10ft) and light stand (2.6ft. to 7ft)can be adjusted to the height you want. The white translucent umbrella can soften, diffuse and broaden the light.

This is kit is so far the best for photography. It is totally worth it if you are seeking for professional shoots. You might be surprised how well lit your picture might come out and look like a google picture. The only disadvantage is that it is huge and can be difficult carrying it but that cannot be an issue.

#6 Julius Studio Photo Studio Kit 6 x 9 ft


This is very beneficial since it comes in three colors of backdrops; green, white and black. It is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. The tall studio quality light stand is safety with 3 legs stages, height adjustable, industrial standard mounting stud. The photo lighting fluorescent light holder has an on/off switch which has a max power of 105W. Like any other umbrella, this is the same white umbrella reflector. The unique part about this kit is that it has a softbox. This is very useful when diffusing light. Many photographers would buy the softbox alone.

This is a fully equipped kit and you will find anything here. If you have one of this, you are well off to start up your studio. It can be heavy yes, but totally worth it.

#5 Godox 32″/ 80cm Umbrella Octagon Softbox Reflector

Material: Nylon Material, Aluminum Shaft Propagation Surface: 32 \ “/ 80 cm Color: Black / Silver (in / out) Shape: Octagon Package Content: 1 x 32” octagonal softbox light diffuser / 80 cm Portable 1 x front cover 1 x carrying bag) Note: Light stand, flash mount and flash not included.

This lighting is suitable for portrait photography. It is easy to use and acts like a softbox when open. The nylon makes it highly reflective.

#4 LimoStudio 2x 33″ Studio Lighting Umbrellas Translucent White Soft Umbrella

This is like our #8. It is quite simple to use and affordable compared to others. It works well diffusing light with the customized fabric. This is good if you want to do portrait photography.

#3 LimoStudio Photography White Photo Umbrella Light Lighting Kit, AGG1754

· 86″ Tall Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand

· Studio Single Head Photo Lighting Fluorescent Light Holder

· 33″ Photography Studio Translucent Shoot Through White Umbrella Photo Video Umbrella

· Digital Full Spectrum Light Bulb – 45W Photo CFL 6500K, Daylight Balanced, Pure White

This is perfect for shoots. You can open a studio sitting at home and achieve pictures like Vogue magazine photos. The light bulbs and reflector perfectly light up the subject creating the mood you would want. These lighting umbrellas diffuse the light, you will be able to capture the spectrum of light making the subject supplier. This whole kit makes the lighting advanced and is so far the best. Use this lighting and make your subjects look like models.

#2 Fancierstudio 2 Light Kit (DK2) Umbrella Lighting Kit

Light kit: Two x 7 Ft Light Stand

Studio Lighting: Two x AC Adapter

Professional Lighting: Two x 45 watt 5500K perfect daylight fluorescent bulbs.

Photography Lighting: Two 33″ Shoot Through Umbrella for easy light diffusion

Photography Lighting: Two 33″ Shoot Through Umbrella for easy light diffusion

This is a very easy starter pack. It can be used for videos and photos. The lights are energy saving and light is well diffused. The only disadvantage is, the bulbs can pop if overheated.

#1. Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio

· Premium Quality Photo Studio Lighting Kit | Components:

· [3 x] Energy Saving Daylight CFL Continuous Light Bulb

· [2 x] 33-inch White Umbrella Reflector | [3 x] Singe Head Bulb Socket

· [2 x] 86-inch Light Stand Tripod | [1 x] 28-inch Light Stand Tripod

· [1 x] Heavy Duty Carry Case Bag | [1 x] Bulb Carry Case Bag

This is a premium quality in photography. This is the number one seller in lighting. When you set this up it feels as if you have walked into the world of photography and studio. This serves the best purpose of an ideal studio.


Overall, lighting is an essential part of photography. Like said earlier, lighting is the backbone of photography. The lighting umbrellas mentioned above are all an exception. If you love photography and would like to enter the world of photographs, make sure you own a kit of lighting.