Top 10 Best Place Cards & Place Card Holders

Place cards and place card holders give that much needed a personal touch to any table or furniture. They provide a way to accentuate on developing a personal feel to your overall arrangement. If you need information on the best place cards and place card holders available for your event, look no further, we’ve made this list just for you.

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Top 10 Best Place Cards & Place Card Holders

1. Kate Aspen Nautical-Anchor Place Card & Holder

Kate Aspen Nautical Anchor Place CardPhoto Holder, Set of 6

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The holder is made from quality resin, and the crafting of the finished product has a true artistic feel. Nautical themed place cards go well with the holder. It has that silver finish that elegant events have.

2. Ginger Ray Vintage-Affair Kraft Wedding Table Numbers

Ginger Ray Vintage Affair Kraft Wedding Table Numbers, Brown

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If freestyling table numbers is your plan, you may want to go for this choice. The brown classic look makes for a relaxed feel, and the numbers cards elegantly stand their own.

3. Black Baroque-Elegant Place Card Holder

Black Baroque Elegant Place Card HolderPhoto Frame

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This fashionable photo frame in inspired by the Baroque art of Italy. Details are the name of the game, with the glossy black resin overall to boot. Your tables will be full of grandeur and class.

4. New Star-Black Mini Chalkboards

New Star 27914 Black Mini Chalkboards, 3 by 4-Inch, Set of 12

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Youngsters will definitely love the easy-going design of these place cardholders. Wedding reception of 2 fun-loving people will definitely complement this simple but equally elegant holder set.

5. OULII Wedding-Place Wooden Card Holders

OULII Wedding Place Wooden Card Holders Table Number Stands for Home Party Decorations Pack of 10

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Made from natural wood, create some oneness with nature for your event. The cards are safely tucked in the middle of these holders, perfect for that natural and organic feel. Anniversaries celebrating longevity fit perfectly for these holders.

6. Gold Metallic-Wood Easels Premium Quality

Gold Metallic Wood Easels Premium Quality Folding Display Plate Stand Holder - 4 Inch - Set of 3 Pieces

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This place card holder set is truly solid and can hold bigger cards and even boards. The golden color can help it blend with any room design. The smooth edges deserve our thumbs up, making it one of the most sought after classic designs online.

7. New Star Ring-Clip Place Card Holder

New Star 12 pcs Ring-Clip Place Card Holder Table Menu Holder Table Card Holder Table Number Holder Table Number Stand Banquet Table Place Card Holder Heavy Base

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Some people believe that the simpler the place card holders, the better they’d be noticed. If you agree, then this might be a top choice for you. Made from high-quality zinc alloy, this shiny cardholder set detaches attention from itself, but you can’t help noticing the elegance that it exudes – making it the ideal choice for minimalist events.

8. Gold Trim Place-Cards by Martha Celebrations

Gold Trim Place Cards By Martha Celebrations

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Made by the guys behind Martha Celebrations, these place cards are ideal for close family gatherings and reunions. Three light brown borders surround the main card area, where you can be as creative with the use of cursive handwriting. Simply put, it’s great for do-it-yourself projects!

9. New Star Triton Hard-Clip Place Card Holder

New Star 12 pcs TritonHarp-Clip Place Card Holder Table Menu Holder Table Card Holder Table Number Holder Table Number Stand Banquet Table Place Card Holder 3 High

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Always one of the top choices of party organizers, these place card holders are made from durable zinc alloy. Weddings and banquets are given that extra glamour and glitter with these shiny cardholders at the center of any table. Even menus can fit well on this set.

10. Kubert Mini Rectangle-Blackboard Vintage

Kubert® Pack of 12 Mini Retangle Blackboard Vintage Chalkboard Place Card Holder Stand for Dessert Table Chalkboard Wordpad Message Board Holder Clip For Wedding

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This one definitely tops our list. It’s fun, quirky, but it isn’t too loud to attract too much attention to itself. The classic chalkboard design is ideal for guests who appreciate art and design as well.