Top 10 Best Portable Generators For Home Backup Power

Any person who has faced the problem of having no electric power can appreciate the significance of having the ideal portable generator, which will perform the best work in reestablishing at least an impression of current fundamentals back to your program. Whether your generator is just a standby power source to utilize in case of the recreation,

emergencies, convenience or the standby generator is for emergency power outage; there are several electrical styles and models of generators. Some users even make use of portable generators to offer an additional electrical power source tools they utilize daily in their profession or trade.

Though power outages normally occur rarely these days, but in case of its occurrence you should be in a position to manage it. This is the only time when a standby generator is required. A backup generator can ensure your electronic devices are charging or on. It is advisable to buy a backup generator in advance.

This will help you combat the emergence incidence of power outages. Features to consider when selecting backup generators

  • Power

Before you choose what the top home generator that suits your needs you need to calculate the power usage that will cater to your needs. All homes are different regarding power consumption however it’s not only dependent on the number of people in that house but the energy consumption ratings and the overall sum of appliances.

The modern appliance will consume relatively low energy. And in emergency circumstances, you can continuously cut back on utilizing them, or deciding on what time when to need them turned on. The only way to accomplish this is by checking your electricity meter daily. You can then calculate exactly what your day-to-day usage is and note what your ultimate consumption rate is.

If you formulate for that rate, you will rest assured you have usual living standards even when the power gets cut.

  • Fuel Type

All of the generators come with diverse types of fuel. You can pick between propane and diesel, but diesel is probably the best option. You can easily store it in emergency situations and in more significant quantities. Getting diesel for sale is convenient. The size of a home generator differs not considerably based on the kind of fuel. So, it’s not a consideration factor for portability.

  • Portability

This is an essential feature for most users. In the real sense, you will possibly store your home generator in a shed or garage. That entails that when you face power outage or an emergency, then you will be in a position to move it easily. But even in some non-emergency circumstances, you might need to come with this machine to a place where electricity is not accessible.

Below are thoroughly researched specifications regarding affordability, performance, safety features, durability, and, size and have summed the items to the top ten ideal portable generators available in the market. The following are the top 10 best portable backup power generators for home:

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Top 10 Best Portable Generators For Home Backup Power

1. Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

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The Suaoki generator is lightweight meaning it can be moved simply. This portable solar generator is reliable and durable, with the capability to generate 400Wh of power. Have inbuilt input ports of Aluminum alloy shell allowing you can plug devices into it. It runs noiselessly which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

2. Champion Power Portable Inverter Equipment Stackable Generator

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The Champion generator has the capacity to power small refrigerators, televisions, and any other small appliances. During the power outage, this generator can supply power to all your indispensable items. Being stackable entails that two generators can be connected together to generate more power. It is also a lightweight generator meaning it can simply moveable.

3. DuroStar Gas Powered Portable Generator

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During power outages, it is advisable to have this generator. It works perfectly as a home-based generator. This generator has an AC output of 3500 Watts. Gas is used to generate power. Low oil shutdown device works to guard the system against overheating.

4. WEN Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

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This generator does not produce noise meaning it cannot interrupt your program. It has the ability to power all your electronics. This makes it best for power outages, camping, tailgates, and construction site. It incorporates a USB charging port, a pair of 3-prong 120V outlets, and single 12V DC output.

5. Suaoki Portable Generator

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This portable and versatile generator incorporates the broad selection of diverse outputs that will provide ports for multiple devices connected. The 20000mAh ability is sufficient to power all household electronics. You can move and carry this generator using a convenient handle easily.

6. DuroStar Gas Powered Portable Generator

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Have four points isolated motor and heavy steel frame mounts to ensure that this unit is capable of running noiselessly? This has generator one inbuilt 120V twist-lock channel and two fully secured 120V outlets. This makes it ideal home standby power source, camping, RVs, and other outdoor activities. It can run for 8-hour, powered by the four-gallon fuel tank.

7. Anker PowerHouse Generator

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This portable generator incorporates off-grid power supply which is ideal for emergency power source and camping. It is completely compact. Battery Management System functions to control short-circuiting, temperature, and voltage. It has two pairs of inbuilt USB charging ports, which are driven by quick-charging Power technology.

8. Champion Power Portable Generator Equipment Ready with Electric Remote Start

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This generator will provide extra features to your works and RV as very affordable and suitable during power outages. This generator has 3500 watts enabling it to run for about 12 hours on a filled reservoir of gas. Has a built-in surge which acts as Volt Guard to maintain all your units safe from any fluctuation in voltage levels. You can start it using the electric remote control

9. PowerPro Gas Powered Portable Generator

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This generator normally comes with a built-in handle. It has a weight of 36 pounds. It runs on a mixture of gas and oil that can offer 5 hours of constant power. PowerPro generator is CARB and EPA compliant, meaning it can be used in the national park because of its ease of use. This generator has an in-built pair of outlets.

10. WEN Gas Powered Portable Generator

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Being a portable and compact power source entails that you can continually have power wherever and whenever you are in need of it. It works perfectly on camping trips in emergencies, and at job sites. The gas container can run for at least 7.5 hours simply because it holds one and a half gallons of gas. This generator has an in-built low-oil shutdown with the safety feature that safeguards the unit from being damaged.


With the described model, you have a wide choice of different power outputs and prices. The necessary thing is to consider is your power requirements are in emergency conditions. For a fairly small deal, you can ensure that you have electric power for all of your home essential appliances. However, having a generator on camping trips or in an emergency can greatly support you during power outages.