Top 10 Best Waterproof Boot Cast Covers

Breaking one of your body parts is one of the most painful things. When you break your leg one will have to wear a cast so that the fracture can heal. However, this cast gets to be annoying when one needs to take a shower. When moisture gets into contact with a cast, it obstructs their functionality plus may need changing which isn’t only costly but also distresses the curing process.

Gratefully there’s comfort in the kind of cast-covers that will let one get on by your normal routines minus worrying about the need to get back to a physician for him/her to apply again the damaged cast. The finest waterproof cast-cover will provide you peace-of-mind & allow one to ease when nearby water.

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Best Waterproof Boot Cast Cover

#1. DryPro Waterproof Vacuum Sealed X-Small

DryPro Waterproof Vacuum Sealed Full Leg Cast Cover, X-Small

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DryPro-Waterproof-Vacuum-Sealed-X-Small is built from a medical rubber, therefore, it is one hundred percent waterproof. It is not bulky hence won’t create any discomfort. For it to operate it must be fitted tightly above the cast around the skin. It has a circular length of 7.75″-11″ and a height of 19 inches.

If the covering gets lengthy, just bunch up the excess stuff and remove the air. The excess will shrink and conform to the shape of the leg. DryPro-Waterproof-Vacuum-Sealed-X-Small fits perfectly with the cast. It is easy to use. It covers the full leg.

#2. Waterproof Protector Bandage Watertight Orthopedic

Doact Waterproof Leg Cast Cover for Shower Bath, Adult Cast Protector Keep Cast Bandage Dry, Watertight Cast Bag for Broken Wound Covers Leg Foot Knee Ankle Orthopedic Boot - 24 Inches Half Leg Long

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Waterproof-Protector-Bandage-Watertight-Orthopedic is capable to block moisture & water out. The seal is made from high-quality material, therefore, it is durable. It forms a tight elastic-rubber which isn’t easy to tear. It can keep the cast & bandage materials dry when on the wet environment.

Waterproof-Protector-Bandage-Watertight-Orthopedic is approved by the CE & FDA. It has no odor. It is best for hospital or home use. It fits more adult’s legs or either boot. It has a length of twenty-four inches. The circular length can stretch from 2 to 7 inches. It has a wider diameter which allows free movement of the leg. It is safe and simple to use.

#3. Wilsco Waterproof Bandages Submersible Reusable

Wilsco® Waterproof Leg Cast Cover for Shower by Wilsco LLC ~ Watertight Foot and Leg Cover

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Wilsco-Waterproof-Bandages-Submersible-Reusable has a water-tight design. It keeps one’s cast or bandages free from moisture or water. It is re-usable hence economical. It is made from high-quality material hence durable. it has an area coverage of twenty-five inches.

It gives comfort to one’s foot. It has a length of twenty-five inches hence spacious enough. This cast cover fits more adult legs. It is latex-free hence allows comfort & ease when wearing it. It helps in keeping pets, dirt, and sand from reaching one’s sensitive area. This cast cover is durable.

#4. Vive Leg Cast Cover Submersible

Vive Leg Cast Cover - Waterproof Cast Bag Bandage Protector for Shower, Broken Foot, Ankle, Knee, Toe - Watertight Adult Plastic Protection Dry Bag - Half Leg Water Tight, Resistant, Submersible Seal

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Vive-Leg-Cast-Cover-Submersible is used to protect the sensitive area, bandage, and cast on your leg. It is easy to wear in & out. It secures the sealed watertight before showering or bathing. The material is lightly-textured hence safe when on the surface or when showering. The cast cover is spacious enough to accommodate every leg size.

It is lightweight hence one can operate with it comfortably. It is re-usable hence economical. Vive-Leg-Cast-Cover-Submersible is completely watertight hence keeps one’s cast cover safe. It covers the whole leg. It is simple to utilize.

#5. Waterproof Protector Watertight Protection Reusable

Kids Leg cast Covers for Shower, Waterproof TPU Long Leg Shower Protector Watertight Protection to Cast and Wound Reusable(20 * 9.8 inch)

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Waterproof-Protector-Watertight-Protection-Reusable has a length of twenty inches. The circular length is about sixteen inches. It is capable to protect one’s leg from water, dirt, and moisture. It holds the cast & bandage dry. It is odorless and latex-free hence very safe for use. It is lightweight hence one can comfortably operate with it.

It is durable hence serves one for a longer time. It has a high-elastic opening which makes it simple to pull on & off in some non-painful method. It doesn’t affect your blood circulation. It has a self-sealing safety. It is soft & comfortable.

#6. Yosoo Health Gear


Waterproof Leg Cast Cover for Shower, Waterproof Cast Protector Bag for Bath, Watertight Plastic Protection Reusable Seal for Broken Leg Knee Foot Ankle Wound -Adult Half Leg Size(28 Inches)

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UpGoing-Waterproof-Protector-Watertight-Surgery is a waterproof cast-cover which has a perfect design. It is safe and best for use when showering. It prevents damaging one’s cast cover and irritation to the skin. Its hole measures between 6 inches to 15 inches. It is made from a comfortable material. This cast cover is approved by the necessary bodies.

It is odorless. It has a flexible & comfortable design making it have extra space for free movement. It also used to protect sensitive parts from dirt, insects, and water. It is reusable hence safe to the environment. It is made from high-quality PVC which is non-slippery and doesn’t stick to one’s legs.

#7. Brownmed Waterproof Cast Cover Shower


Seal-Tight Sport Cast Protector for Swimming Waterproof Cast Cover Adult Size, for Leg, Short (23in Length)

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Waterproof-Cast-Cover-Shower-Bath is among the longest cast cover. It is made from high-quality polypropylene, PVC & rubber materials hence durable. It is lightweight hence comfortable while using it. It is easy to wear in & out without harm or injury. It is re-usable hence economical. It fits most adult’s legs. It is flexible and comfortable with a seamless design.

When using it there is no need for strings, tapes, glue, or outdated plastic bags. It is hygienic hence safe for wounds protection. The center hole diameter ranges from 2 inches to 7.3 inches. It has a length of 27.5 inches. It is best for both slim & thick legs.

#8. Reusable Waterproof Protector Providing Watertight

Dmi Reusable Waterproof Cast Cover, Wound Barrier & Bandage Protector for Adult Foot & Ankle Providing Watertight Seal In Showers, Baths & Pools, Fitsup To Size 13 Adult Foot

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Reusable-Waterproof-Protector-Providing-Watertight is made from high-quality vinyl-material which can be utilized more times. This cast cover can keep your cast, wounds & bandage as dry as possible. It is reusable hence economical and safe to the environment. It is easy to wear.

It is spacious enough to accommodate one’s legs comfortably. Best for both home and hospital use. This cast cover can hold a maximum shoe-size of number 13 and it extends 11 inches just over the ankle. It provides comfort to one’s foot. It is latex-free.

#9. Waterproof-Protector-Protection-Swimming-Reusable

Hain Adult Leg Cast Cover, HAIN Clear Waterproof Shower Bandage Protector with Seal Protection for Foot, Knee, Ankle Wound in Bathing or Swimming, 100% Reusable(Full Size) (Long Leg)

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Waterproof-Protector-Protection-Swimming-Reusable is made from high-quality polypropylene, PVC & rubber. It is a washable material hence hygiene is of the best level. It is easy to utilize. It is one hundred percent reusable. It is thick & durable. This cast cover is non-slippery & won’t stick to one’s leg.

It has a transparent-design for simple viewing. It’s used when swimming, showering, bathing, and any other outdoor activities. It doesn’t have any leakage. It is available in three different sizes i.e. long, medium, and small.

#10. Carex-Cast-Protector-Shower-Leg

Carex Cast Protector for Shower, Leg - The Ultimate Cast Covers for Shower Leg to Keep Your Cast and Bandages Dry While Bathing - 23" Long Premium Latex Free Plastic with 100% Waterproof Technology

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Carex-Cast-Protector-Shower-Leg is a cast cover that is strong and durable. It is spacious hence more one’s foot is more flexible. It is built to maximum comfort. It is anti-slip. It has a feasible & innovative solution. Carex-Cast-Protector-Shower-Leg fits all body kinds and is completely reusable hence economic and environmental friendly.

It is strong and durable. It fits tightly but doesn’t cause pain. It doesn’t leak water inside. It is easy to wear in and out. This cast protector could be worn on either foot. This utilizes an easy-grip-ring to form an airtight-seal without pressing into the leg skin.


Waterproof cast-cover operates great to have your wound, bandage, or either cast dry. When choosing the best waterproof cast, there are some factors to consider which waterproof, reusable, lightweight, material, size, ease of use, and others. For those that need to get the best waterproof cast-cover, the item on our listing above would do that work best.