Top 10 Best Waterproof Boot Trays

Are tired of carrying your dirty, muddy, and wet boots inside your room? Don’t do it again because we have a solution for you here. Boot trays are designed to hold your muddy, dirty, and wet shoes with comfort. This tray is made up of rubber, therefore, they are waterproof. These boot trays are designed to trap to catch every run-off of dirt that’s stuck at your shoe.

Getting the best rubber boot tray can be a tiring job. There are so many options in the market that distract you hence knowing the god one and the bad one can be hard. Below we’ve made it simple for you by researching the best waterproof-boot tray.

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Best Waterproof Boot Trays

1. Real Home Products


Boot Tray Shoes Mat Ideal For Plants Entryway Pet Food Dog Water Bowls Cat Litter Wet Paint Snow Extra Large Multipurpose Waterproof Mud Room Organizer Spill Containment Protects Floors By Real

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By: Real Home Products

Real Home Products is a spacious boot-tray which has an area of 2.5 by 1.2. It is capable to hold a minimum of three pairs of shoes.1.25-inches raised hence it protects the floor from up-to two gallons of a water spill and also the best pet mat.

It is simple to move it around. One just has to lift it using the handles. This tray multipurpose i.e. can be used to carry gardening tools and paints, and made from recycled polypropylene which has a coarse surface to stop mold.

2. Stalwart 75 ST6013 Weather Tray Water Resistant-It is multipurpose


Stalwart 75-ST6013 All Weather Boot Tray-Water Resistant Plastic Utility Shoe Mat for Indoor and Outdoor Use in All Seasons (Black), Small

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By: Stalwart

Stalwart-75-ST6013-Weather-Tray-Water-Resistant is made from one hundred percent recycled materials. This tray has a cross-hatch design with entertaining animal shape-designs. It is made for both indoor & outdoor use.

This tray has an average size. It has an area of twenty inches by fifteen inches, and a height of one point three inches. It prevents damage from sliding on damp floors.

3. ART-ARTIFACT-Hello-Goodbye-Rubber


ART & ARTIFACT Hello Goodbye Rubber Boot Tray and Shoe Tray - Heavy Duty Footwear and Dog Bowl or Cat Bowl Mat Traps Mud, Water and Pet Food Mess to Protect Floors - 32 x 16

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ART-ARTIFACT-Hello-Goodbye-Rubber is a heart-warming welcome & goodbye. It also makes a handy-mat to your pet’s food & water dishes or a distinctive way to defend cabinets by keeping cleaning materials at the top.

It is an attractive & functional method to keep footwear near every entryway. The tray is capable to withstand tear and wear. The tray has the best design. It is economical for a big household which has to buy one tray for the whole family.

4. Internet’s Best Multi-Purpose Rectangle Waterproof


Internet's Best Multi-Purpose Boot & Shoe Tray - 30 x 15 Rectangle - Protects Floors from Water and Dirt - Waterproof for All Weather Indoor or Outdoor Use - Pet Bowl Mat

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By:  Internet’s Best

Internet’s-Best-Multi-Purpose-Rectangle-Waterproof is made up-from tough polypropylene hence it is waterproof. It is lightweight hence portable. This tray designed to hold water, dirt, snow, and mud at the entry of your home.

This tray also operates best in the back of one’s vehicle for keeping dirty boot. It also operates best as a pet mat and tray. It is of high quality hence durable. The lightweight substance makes it simple to pick-up & clean.

5. NeutralPure ECO Protection Multi-Purpose Friendly


NeutralPure ECO Boot Mat and Tray for Floor Protection; Multi-Purpose, Indoor and Outdoor Friendly (2 Pcs)

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By:  NeutralPure ECO

This boot tray safely protects one’s floor and entry from water spills, dirt & mud. It has a durable design. It is made from one hundred percent recycled polypropylene. This tray is durable to hold every dust, sand & every spillover.

6. Mr. Peanuts Multi-Purpose Gardening Protection

Mr. Peanut's Multi-Purpose Boot Tray & Pet Feeding Mat by, for Boots - Shoes - Paint - Dog Bowls - Cat Litter Box - Gardening - Floor Protection with...

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By: Mr. Peanut’s

Mr.Peanuts Multi-Purpose Gardening-Protection is a large boot tray that has an area of thirty inches by fifteen inches. It is durable. It is raised one point two inches to protect one’s floor by catching overflow splashes. The strong, spill-proof-polymer is best to utilize for puppy feeding-mats or either cat litter-boxes.

It is best for every type of moisture. Its leak-proof design permits for numerous convenient purposes, lightweight though rigid substantial which makes the boot tray simple to use & move.

7. Ottomanson Rubber Doormat


Ottomanson Rubber Doormat, 16 x 32 Rectangle

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By: Ottomanson

Ottomanson protects one’s floor from surface-spills. It is best for both indoor & outdoor use.

The boot tray is spacious enough to hold more pairs of shoes. It is easy to clean. This rubber boot mat is designed to remain resistant to chemical solvents & durable even in harsh weather situations.

8. BirdRock Decorative Waterproof Weather Outdoor


BirdRock Home Rubber Boot Tray - 34 inch Decorative Boot Tray for Entryway – Shoe Mat – Waterproof - All Weather Indoor or Outdoor Use – Dog Water Food Bowl Wide Trays – Under Sink Drip Utility Tray

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Bird Rock-Decorative-Waterproof-Weather-Outdoor is made from rubber which is the best waterproof material. It is raised to protect one’s floor & surfaces.

It is suitable for all-weather hence can be used for both indoor & outdoor use, and can be used by pets also like their food or water bowl.

9. Home​​​ Man​​​​​ Multi-Purpose Waterproof Outdoor Protection


Home-Man Multi-Purpose Boot Tray Mat,Dog Bowl Tray,Waterproof for Indoor and Outdoor Floor Protection

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By: Home-Man

Home-Man-Multi-Purpose-Waterproof-Outdoor-Protection makes the best boot tray. The size is best to hold multiple shoes. It measures twenty inches by fifteen inches.

It can be used for both indoor & outdoor use.  This tray helps in keeping your floor and carpet as clean as possible and protects one’s floors surface from untidy pet spills.

10. Ottomanson Multi-Purpose Indoor Outdoor Waterproof


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By: Ottomanson

Ottomanson Multi-Purpose Indoor-Outdoor Waterproof is made from one hundred percent Polypropylene materials hence. It can be used for both indoor & outdoor usage.

It protects one’s surface & floor from mud, water, and dirt, and the best size which can occupy a couple of shoes.


Every household, particularly those with children, has experienced the highest damage created by dirt, water & mud spread all over the house the reason being no one thought to keep their boots & shoes outside. Waterproof boot-trays is a must-have thing if you need your floor and surface to be clean. Using a boot tray will hold every mud, water, and dirt that’s on the boots and shoes. More of these products are available in various sizes & colors which helps one to beautify his or her home.