Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As you are all aware, wireless charging is the latest and one of the greatest features of smartphones. Galaxy Note 8 being the flagship for Samsung maintains the tradition with the same wireless charging feature. Let’s tour through the best variety of wireless chargers that are right for your Galaxy Note 8.

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Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

1. Seneo Wireless Charger, Charging Pad Stand for Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X

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Seneo wireless charging pad supports a variety of smartphones including Samsung note 8. It provides safe and fast charging to your phone without necessarily removing the case. It provides safe charging without damaging the ports and the battery. Other remarkable features include LED lighting which alerts you when the phone is in charging status,

it displays green light even when the phone is fully charged. Also, the blue light tells you when there is a foreign object placed or when the phone is not compatible.

2. CHOETECH Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand for Samsung Galaxy Note

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CHOETECH Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger features a stylish design aimed at improving the charging performance and comfort. It features overcharging and temperature protection so that your devices remain safe throughout the entire charging process. By utilizing Qi inductive charging technology,

you won’t need to plug-in charging cable every time you need to recharge your smartphone. Further, you can comfortably use the device while it is still charging, without the device malfunctioning. Wide compatibility makes this device even more valuable as you can charge any smartphone, as long as it supports Qi technology. Besides, it charges at a precise speed hence doesn’t spoil your battery or ports.

3. LOHASIC Fast Wireless Charger, with Cooling Fan Stand Pad

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Featuring a holder stand design, Lohasic fast wireless charger offers to charge convenience. The design allows both horizontal and vertical orientation so that you can use the phone the way you want while it is still charging. Enjoy up to 9 watts wireless fast charge of this Samsung wireless charging stand.  You can use this stand to read notifications and receive calls without interrupting the charging session.

It features a built-in fan for cooling your phone as it charges. With multiple charging coils, you can put the phone in any orientation you want and still charge excellently. Moreover, this charging stand supports a number of smartphones which include the iPhone series and Samsung Galaxy series.

4. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Featuring 2A Wall Charger

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Are you tired of lugging your smartphone directly into a wall socket or USB? Samsung brings a whole new level of innovation by introducing this stylish accessory. It is pretty easy to use because all you need do is place your compatible galaxy and the device will start charging automatically. For safety charging. There are LED light features that light green and blue and alert you when it starts to charge, when full and when there is a malfunctioning device placed on the charging pad.

5. Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Convertible Stand, W/ AFC Wall Charger

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Think of a device that converts from pad to stand, just to give you charging convenience. Well, this isn’t an imagination by the reality with this Samsung fast charge wires charger. You can easily change it from pad to stand for easy handling and charging your smartphone depend on what the situation demands.

It enables you to read notifications and receive calls without causing any interruption to the charging process. You can as well charge your phone in both portrait and landscape orientation because the charger allows you to do some without any cost. Moreover, it supports many smartphones that support Qi technology.

6. PASONOMI Fast Wireless Charging Stand for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X and 8

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Pasonomi wireless charging stand provides a convenient way of juicing up your Samsung Galaxy phone. It provides 1.4 times the charging speed more than its competitors which means you’ll only need 2 hours to completely charge your device to full capacity. It serves a variety of applicable models such as s7, s8, s6, iPhone 8, iPhone x, and now Samsung galaxy note 8.

There is an intelligent LED indicator that shows the status of safe charging. The light turns blue when connected to power and green when the phone starts receiving the juice. However, this QC 2.0 adaptive charging requires the use of a QC 2.0 adapter which isn’t included in the package, but rather sold separately.

7. Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charging Wireless Charging Stand W/ AFC Wall Charger, Gold

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If you had already made your mind on another wireless charger, I bet that you would change it too when you use this Samsung Qi-certified charging stand. It has awesome features both in terms of hardware and functionality. It has a portable and attractive design that provides for easy access to your phone while charging. However, it only supports the fast charge feature on selected models. But generally, it supports wireless charging on all Qi Compatible smartphones.

8. JETech Wireless Charger, Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung Note 8

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Taking position three of our genuine review, JETech wireless charger takes our expectations to an unimaginable world. This device is equipped with a power-efficient idle mode which is smart and will never overcharge your battery or waste energy. Input is 2 amperes and output is 1A and charges a variety of devices that include Qi phones, cameras, and other devices.

The package includes a micro USB cable and now the JETech wireless charging pad. Intelligent charging is another great feature of this device. It cuts off the power when it detects that the device is fully charged. That way, it prevents overcharging, overheating, short circuits, and ends up saving.

9. PLESON Cell QI Fast Wireless Charging Pad Stand for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S8 Plus

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This wireless charging pad boasts of extremely wide compatibility and unmatched performance. With its innovative design, it provides convenience even to the most demanding needs. Its extreme charging capabilities are evident in all types of phone cases whether hybrid, rubber, plastics, or any other material.

So, it provides comfort and charging convenience in that you don’t have to remove phone cases to allow charging. Also, the compact design and anti-slip mat enhance its multifunctional role. Moreover, it features no lights or beeps so you can sleep comfortably as your smartphone undergoes efficient charging.

10. Wofalodata Fast Wireless Charger, for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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The two in one design of this device combine a phone charge and holder giving you the best service you’ll ever need. The auto phone gripping feature and linkage design is also part and parcel of the system that enhances excellent functionality. It also features air ventilation system that cools the device while charging.

On the other hand, the bracket base design provides for 360 degrees rotation so that you can position it in the best position for easy accessibility. Besides, the holder is adjustable too to provide great reach and better orientation.

Factors to consider when buying the best wireless charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Just like when selecting other electronic devices, certain factors have to be tested when selecting a wireless charger for galaxy note 8. Here are the leading factors which you must evaluate in order to make a concrete decision.

  • Compatibility

With this factor, you must tell whether the charger charges a variety of smartphones. Fortunately, you’ll find that most wireless charges can charge Note 8, iPhone series, and other renowned smartphones.

  • Usability

When we talk of usability in regards to Note 8 chargers, you must ensure that the charging pad allows easy access while the phone is still charging. Most charging stands allow various orientations so that you can access the phone’s features and receive calls while still charging.

  • Energy efficiency and safety features

You need a device with unique features that cut energy wastage and safeguard your phone from overcharging and overheating. Auto shut off, LED lights are among the safety features present in a wireless charger. The excellent grip is an essential feature that allows safe use of any charging pad or stand.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Does it allow fast charging
    • A: Yeah, but you will require an adapter designed for that process
  • Q: Does it allows charging a phone with a case
    • A: Yeah, but sometimes it charges slow


As a final thought, you can spend many hours trying to figure out which charger should accompany your galaxy note 8. But, wireless chargers remains to be the best. However, there is a wide variety of companies already in this business and that may deter you from making a concrete purchase decision. All ten products featured in our review offer convenient charging of your Note 8. But for the purpose of fast selection, Wofalodata, JETech, and Pleson wireless charging pads offer exceptional performances.