The Most Expensive Currency In The World

We hold these small pieces of paper in our hands every day. They give us access to any product or service. But the question is: how much or less can you buy with money? As a rule, a person usually speaks not about the cost of notes, but about the price of the product itself. In fact, the value of money becomes known after comparing it with the money of other countries.

Now in the world, there are about 180 currencies. What is the most expensive currency? Many are willing to assume that the euro, or, in extreme cases, the British pound. But this is not actually true.

Meanwhile, the top positions in the ranking are occupied by the oil-producing countries of the Middle East. By the way, they plan to unite and make their single currency, which will be like the euro. The most expensive currency smells like oil

So, the most expensive currency in the world is the Kuwaiti dinar (currency code is 414, the letter code is KWD). For one dinar you can get 3.29 dollars. By the way, in the relatively distant 1984, one Kuwaiti dinar cost 3.28 US dollars. That is, banknotes hold leadership for more than a dozen years.

Bahraini dinar

Another currency from the list of the most expensive is the Bahraini dinar (currency code BD or BHD). In 1966-1973, this money was the national currency of the United Arab Emirates. After they were replaced by the UAE dirham.

Currency cost – $ 2.65.Omani rial

This is the monetary unit of the state called Oman. The international currency designation is OMR. By the way, on the banknotes on one side you can find the inscription in English, and on the other in Arabic. Coins are put into circulation without an English designation. The money for this state will cost 2.60 dollars.

Latvian lat

After the Maltese lira and the Cypriot pound were replaced by the euro, the Latvian lat became what is called the “heaviest” currency of the European Union. The price of Latvian lats is 1.62 dollars.

Pound sterling

This is the UK currency. The currency code is UKL or GBP. It is worth noting that the banks of certain territories that are part of the country issue banknotes with their own design. And formally, each banknote is accepted by all banks in the UK. Their price is 1.27 dollars per unit. Is high currency value a sign of a strong economy?

Usually, if a country’s economy develops, then there is no tendency to depreciate its national currency. In addition, the value of the national currency cannot constantly grow. This is counteracted by the state itself, which is interested in the population spending their money on goods and services, rather than saving them for the future. Therefore, if the national currency is expensive, it means that inflation in the country is controlled.

So, the most expensive currency in the world is the Kuwaiti dinar. At the same time, this currency has held its leadership for more than a dozen years. The fact is that Kuwait is using the results of a booming oil trading economy.