The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

The story of the most beautiful girl in the world started when I was in secondary school. Just like any other day, I usually would go to the library to get some information about the things that I often missed out in class because usually the day before I went to class, I would study pretty hard until late at night about what I think the teacher will cover in the class tomorrow. I would say that most of the time that I predict the teacher would teach in class turned out to be accurate. I admit the fact that teacher can be so predictable about what they will teach tomorrow and sometimes I could even predict what questions that will be tested in the exams so I would say that I am pretty good in knowing pretty much everything about lab experiments, sudden death quiz (as I would like to call it because every time there is a quiz my fellow friends would be extremely shocked to the extent that I could feel the inner death inside of them), typical boring exams (which is 80% predictable), and class presentations.

I could be excel in every single one of these things except that in reality I don’t engage in these things anymore (I was before) and the reason is that I have found something much greater than having to be an A student. It was up until this one dark rainy day was when I discovered the meaning of life. As an active child who loves to engage in critical thinking, I would ask myself loudly what if I get to answer each question in the exams correctly, attend all the experiments and excel in it and have everything I wanted the way it is? That was when she heard me and then she said, “Nothing! Nothing. You just get a certification and recognition but the reason I said nothing is because I know that those things are meaningless to you”. That was when I came to the point of realization that for as long as I am within the education system, I would never be able to truly feel the true education itself. That was when she invited me to come with her.

Her name is Violet and she used to be a fat, ugly girl that everyone used to make fun of but I have never been able to talk to her since she used to sit in the corner of the class and always be reading a book. Then, we finally reached the destination which happened to be an office full of people working on their computers. “What do you see?” she asked me. “Well, I see a lot of people working in an office”, I replied. “Why do they work?”, she asked. “To support their families and pay bills”, I replied. “Most of the students in our school which happens to be the future generations are going to be working in here later on in their life, so the reason they are in school right now is due to the fact that they are not yet be indoctrinated to obey by the rules and in order to make them play by the rules is by sending them to school so that they would know the consequences of their action and ultimately play by the rules. In other words, we are living in an invisible cell that cannot be seen or touch but can only be felt. You are living in a cell. So would you come with me to escape the system together?” she asked.

Then, I went to her house and discussed how to have money without the need to work and that was when we stumbled across something known as an online business. We get to grow our online business together and ultimately successfully managed to automate the online store that we built and after a few years, we build our brands separately and managed to reach out initial goal which is earning $10,000 every month without doing anything. Despite the fact that her external physical features are bad, her inner soul and mind was perfectly beautiful and in my opinion I really think that what’s inside the heart and mind of the people is more important than the things that a person may have on the outside and I ended up married to her and she is my most beautiful girl in the world.