The Most Beautiful Place In The World




Written by: pikiliks




In the world, there are plenty of beautiful places that would be worth a visit. Everyone would like to find a small paradise where they will be on a short break from many obligations. Our planet has given us many beautiful fairytale beauty and wonders of nature. One of the most beautiful places in the world that will certainly not leave you indifferent and will make you come again, on this occasion we will present the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.


Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


Plitvice Lakes is the largest and oldest national park in Croatia. They are also one of the most beautiful national parks and one of the most beautiful places in the world that tourists can visit. Represent a major magnet for tourists from around the world because they are characterized by beautiful landscapes of nature that make up a large number of lakes, waterfalls, oak forests, meadows, and limestone. The interest of tourists to visit this tourist attraction is incredibly large, and tickets for the national park to buy exclusively through the Internet so as to prevent unnecessary traffic.




Plitvice Lakes are fully justified its status as one of the most beautiful national parks and is generally one of the most beautiful cities in the world. After the visit to this natural attraction of tourists, nobody will remain indifferent. During a visit to Plitvice Lakes, tourists have the opportunity to engage in numerous activities during the visit to the national park. They can do hiking, biking, skiing, sledding, but the main attraction for tourists is touring the lakes and waterfalls.




Plitvice Lakes is due to its uniqueness, known as the “Land of Lakes of falling.” The national park system consists of 16 turquoise lakes water caused more than 1000 years. Of these 16 lakes, 12 lakes are the so-called upper lakes that were formed from the wall of dolomite. Other lakes 4 constitute so-called lower lakes, which are formed from the limestone, and it is cut in the deep canyon with steep cliffs.


Along the lakes, you can see the amazing waterfalls and you will be amazed by the spectacular views that you will have the opportunity to notice if you decide to visit the Plitvice Lakes. You can opt for any of the 8 tours, during which you can go around the lakes, which at that you choose, you will not go wrong, because all the scenes that you look are beautiful. Swimming is not allowed at any place within the national park and the cycling only in designated areas for this purpose.


Flora and fauna


A wide range of climatic conditions and different altitudes within the national park allow the Plitvice Lakes is already a large number of deciduous or evergreen trees and the Alps, as well as Mediterranean vegetation. Plitvice Lakes are the habitat of numerous species such as the brown bear, lynx, wild cat, wolf, owl, eagle, and grouse. Plitvice Lakes are normally included in 1979 to UNESCO’s World Heritage list.




If you decide to come to Plitvice Lakes for a few days, you will have a wide range of options that you find convenient and comfortable accommodation. In the vicinity of the national park, there are several hotels, camping areas and a multitude of people in the region that offers visitors renting. Within the national park, there are several restaurants where you can enjoy a variety of tastes food. Tickets to visit the park, you can only buy online and their price is about 35 euros except that children and students have discounts and the entrance for people with disabilities is free.


Plitvice Lakes are definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world that you can visit. It certainly deserves to be on your must-see list. They are a little paradise on earth, which will allow you to relax properly and enjoy the unspoiled nature.